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Ads For This Trendy Nursing Blanket Were Pulled From Facebook For the Stupidest Reason

Lindsay White had the best of intentions when she created her ultratrendy black-and-white "Boobs" nursing blanket. The cover ($49) was an homage to the beauty of breastfeeding as well as the uniqueness of women and mothers.

Apparently, Facebook thought otherwise.

Lindsay, the owner of online boutique Lot801, tried to run a Facebook ad for the new blanket yesterday and got denied.

"I was curious to see why, thinking maybe there was too much text," she told POPSUGAR. She read on, only to realize they refused to run it because, according to Facebook, the "ad can't promote sexual or adult products or services." The image in question (shown above) depicted Lindsay nursing her naked baby, with the blanket across one shoulder and her other shoulder exposed.

"I'm furious. This is exactly why women don't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and why I created this blanket in the first place," she said. "This mindset of breastfeeding being sexual in our world is total BS. This is what's wrong with the world and why women feel they can't breastfeed publicly . . . I've seen Facebook ads showing a lot more than my bare shoulder."

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