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Stranger Helps Mom Flying Alone With Twins

How a Stranger Kept 1 Mom Alone With Twin Babies From Being Kicked Off a Flight

What was supposed to be a simple flight for Mackenzie Murphy turned into an incredibly long day, and this woman wasn't even traveling with an infant. But the mom sitting a couple of aisles in front of Mackenzie wasn't as lucky, as she was hit with multiple problems while trying to fly alone with her twin babies, who Mackenzie estimates were likely under 6 months old.

Mackenzie described the scenario, explaining that because the flight was packed, airline staff began taking carry-on luggage to store under the plane. "A gate worker took this woman's car seat, meaning she would now have to hold both babies since they weren't old enough to sit up on their own in a seat," Mackenzie shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page. "When she sat down on the plane, a flight attendant immediately told her she couldn't hold both babies, and would have to leave the flight."

Before this mom could gather her babies and her things, a stranger sitting in front of Mackenzie volunteered to hold one of the babies during the entire flight. However, before they could even start their 45-minute flight, the plane ended up being stuck on the runway for two and half hours.


"Without a complaint this woman fed the other woman's baby and burped him," Mackenzie wrote. "Her own daughter started crying. This mom, so calmly, went on to explain to her young daughter that 'Our job is to help other people. This mom is all by herself with no help, and really needs another mom to help.'"

This kind woman continued to restore Mackenzie's faith in humanity as she went on to sing the baby songs and snuggle him as he slept. "My heart still feels fuzzy," she wrote. "Moral of the story is when you see people needing help, do the right thing and help them."

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