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A Set of Twins Just Celebrated Their 102 Birthdays, and the Story Is Amazing

Ann and Gussie Crumby, two twin sisters from Hancock County, GA, have just cleared an impressive milestone back in May few people can ever lay claim to: they turned 102 years old . . . together. Now, the pair is celebrating their birthday with their family in Macon, GA. Although living long enough to be 102 is no doubt impressive, for Ann and Gussie, age is truly just a number.

"I don't even know I'm old," Ann told WMAZ-TV, "I think I'm still young." Gussie agreed, saying: "I don't feel no different than I did [than] when I was 101," she added that she always makes it a point to stay close to Ann. "When I look around, I see her and when she looks around, she sees me."

Born in 1916, the twins were raised on a farm and were raised by their grandmother. They attended a tiny school that only had one teacher and grew up to become seamstresses. Eventually, Ann moved up to New York when she met her husband, and Gussie and her husband stayed close to home. They lived separately for decades before reuniting in the late '90s.

According to a study from the University of Washington, identical twins actually live longer than others. David Sharrow, the study's lead author, told Science Daily exactly why that may be back in 2016. "There is benefit to having someone who is socially close to you who is looking out for you," he said. "They may provide material or emotional support that lead to better longevity outcomes."

Now, the twins spend most of their time hanging out with each other. "We haven't been apart so much," they told the station. "We just mostly stay from one place to the other but we mostly stay together."

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