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Video of Boy Locking Himself in a Hot Car

This Toddler Locking Himself in a Hot Car Is the Scariest Thing You'll See Today

Posted by Kenny Rubin on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ken Rubin and his wife, Sacnyte, were in for a scare when their young son, Apollo, accidentally locked himself in their hot car for a whopping 37 minutes while they were out shopping at the mall one afternoon.

After Ken got out of the car, Sacnyte quickly shut the door to make room for a car pulling into the space next to them when Apollo grabbed the keys out of her hands and hit the lock button. With both Ken and Sacnyte locked outside, the couple had no choice but to call the police.

Thankfully, the fire department and a nearby Orlando police officer who was on patrol came to the rescue — but the frightening ordeal wasn't over just yet. While they were trying to open the door with a Slim Jim, the first responders noticed how much Apollo was sweating after being stuck inside for 30 minutes. They knew he was in serious danger of passing out and decided to break the window.

"Orlando Police Department and fire department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out, so we're very grateful they were there to help us, and they're our heroes for the day," Rubin said in an interview with Click Orlando.

After being checked out by paramedics, Apollo officially made it out of the 90-degree car unscathed.

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