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Complete List of All 190 New Apple Emoji iOS 11.1 Fall 2017

The Complete List of All 190 New Apple Emoji Available Right Now

Complete List of All 190 New Apple Emoji iOS 11.1 Fall 2017
Image Source: Emojipedia

After months of sneak previews and patient speculation, the day has finally come: Apple's 190 brand new, totally amazing emoji are FINALLY available to everyone in the iOS 11.1 update.

If you're curious about what exactly has been added in one of the largest batches to come through in ages, you're in luck. We've taken the time to comb through each and every page in the Emojipedia to come up with a comprehensive list of exactly which tiny icons will be landing on our iPhones, iPads, and Macs — and you'll find all the new emoji listed on on the pages ahead.

To preempt the roll-out of the update if you haven't gotten a pop-up on your device yet, first make sure that you have enough room to update the device (if you're not sure how to figure out what's taking up all that space, we've got you covered). Once you're sure you're good to go, tap the "Settings" icon, then tap "General," and finally, click on "Software Update." And if you don't see the option to update, don't fret — just check back in a couple hours, as it does take a bit of time to roll out to everyone.

Now, without further ado: the ultimate list of all the new emoji available on all Apple devices now.

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