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Democrats' Reaction to Nov. 10, 2015, Republican Debate

The Democrats Took Their Eye-Rolling to Twitter During the Republican Debate

The fourth Republican debate finally gave viewers more answers than questions about the foreign and economic policies of the eight standing presidential candidates. But as the night went on, plenty of old habits remained.

Amid interruptions from other candidates and a very frequent "time's up" bell, Jeb Bush furiously argued Donald Trump on every issue, the billionaire managed to insult the only woman on the stage, and Carly Fiorina vowed to soar through the polls (the consensus this morning is that she came in second last night) and beat her Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats didn't waste time during the live broadcast from Milwaukee. While hilarious commentary from Twitter users flooded social media, pols including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley took the opportunity to Twitter-bash their rivals and promote their own policies on immigration, veterans, and government spending.


How Clinton's Twitter rant began:

Democrats reacted to Ben Carson's and Marco Rubio's statements against raising minimum wage:

Sanders made a strong point about entitlement reforms:

The immigration issue dominated the debate last night, and Clinton made an effort to retweet her passionate supporters:

When former HP CEO Fiorina talked about her economic proposals, the Democrats remained skeptical:

While Ted Cruz opposed John Kasich on the big bank bailout, Sanders remembered Teddy Roosevelt:

Senator Rubio proposed a very populist plan on tax cuts (which many experts found arithmetically inadequate) and an expensive war on ISIS strategy that may add trillions of dollars in military spending:

While the hopefuls talked future wars with no mention of veterans on the night before Veterans Day, Sanders tweeted the most popular commentary of the debate night:

Meanwhile, O'Malley remembered the military LGBT community:

Last week's front-runner Carson defended his biography early in the debate, but Twitter noticed his less-than-dynamic performance:

Clinton took a beating from every candidate on the stage, but she still got in some pretty good burns:

Image Source: Getty / Scott Olson
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