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Funny Tweets From the Republican Financial Debate

The Most Hilarious Tweets From the GOP Financial Debate

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While the banter between candidates is undeniably hilarious, the commentary on Twitter that accompanies the debates is also comedic gold — especially the GIFs. Between witty fact checks and giggle-worthy quips, here are some of the greatest Twitter moments from the GOP debate:

People wondered why Trump thought walls around geographic locations worked:

There were jokes at Jeb Bush's low polling numbers:

People questioned how well the target audience knew how to use Facebook:

And they reminded Carly Fiorina that she once ran Hewlett Packard, a printer company:

. . . and that Ted Cruz is married to a managing director at Goldman Sachs:

People remembered Rick Perry's infamous call to cut the same programs as Ted Cruz:

. . . and that Cruz couldn't figure out the fifth department:

As always, there were Donald Trump jokes:

. . . and at his commitment to not raising wages or giving tax breaks:

The photoshop jobs were on point:

The candidates made some strange comparisons (philosophers, special sauce, and welders?), people responded:

Ben Carson's closing remarks were slightly depressing:

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