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How to Set Up Emergency SOS in iOS 11

This 1 Feature on iOS 11 Could Save Your Life

With the new iOS 11, you can edit screenshots, easily share WiFi passwords, and potentially save your life in the future — all with just a few quick taps. Previously, you could give yourself an extra layer of safety by setting up your medical ID or sharing your location on Find My Friends. Now, on iOS 11, you can push the sleep/wake button five times to immediately call emergency services. It also disables Touch ID and tells any emergency contacts your location and that something might be wrong.

The feature, called "Emergency SOS," will automatically call your local emergency service number. And though it disables Touch ID, any person who tries to use your Touch ID won't get a notification that it's because of "Emergency SOS." If you're worried about your purse accidentally calling emergency services, you can also choose to turn on a "Countdown Sound." It will make it so that if you accidentally set off this feature, your phone will play a loud sound and give you three seconds to stop it from calling emergency services.

While we usually understand putting off playing with new features, this is one that every single person should set up right now. In particular, women across the internet are trying to spread the word about the Emergency SOS, as it could help someone fend off an attacker. Others believe it could save your life if you're in a car accident or in another type of disaster. Ahead, learn how to quickly set it up and then encourage your friends to do the same.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich

To set this feature up, go to Settings > Emergency SOS.

Swipe right on the "Auto Call" toggle to turn it on.

You can add, remove, or edit your emergency contacts.

Just tap "edit emergency contacts" and you'll be taken to the Health app.

In the Health app, you'll see your Medical ID information and emergency contacts.

Tap "edit" in the top right corner to add or remove people.

Add, remove, or edit your emergency contacts and their relationship with you.

If you go back to "Emergency SOS," you can also turn on "Countdown Sound."

If you turn this on, you'll hear a loud sound for three seconds before your iPhone calls emergency services.

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