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Merriam-Webster Adds New Words September 2017

Merriam-Webster Adds 250 New Words to the Dictionary, Including "Alt-Right" and "Froyo"

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The internet's favorite dictionary, the one that's known to use its Twitter account to call out the Trump administration or even United Airlines, has decided there's no better time than now to add words like "alt-right" and "froyo" to its collection. Merriam-Webster updated its dictionary on Sept. 18, adding in 250 new words and definitions that the dictionary finally deemed worthy of an entry (or, as in the case of "troll," worthy of an updated understanding). Though Merriam-Webster already added more than 1,000 words back in February, the company decided to add some more, which seems appropriate given "new vocabulary is the spice of life." So whip out your smartphone and get ready to take some notes on some of our favorite new Merriam-Webster definitions.

  1. Alt-right: This now refers to the "right-wing, primarily online political movement" that is predominantly extremist and centers its viewpoints around white nationalism.
  2. Internet of Things: Sometimes referred to as IoT, this new term describes the "network capability" that lets devices like a coffee maker get information over the internet.
  3. Troll: Unlike the toys you grew up playing with, this definition of troll refers to the people on the internet who use inappropriate behaviors or messaging to bother others.
  4. Ransomware: Similar to malware, except ransomware asks the person or company to pay to access their hacked and kidnapped files.

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  1. Word salad: When someone strings a series of words, phrases, and other nonsense together.
  2. Hive mind: The opinions, ideas, or suggestions of a group of people (think BeyHive).
  3. Dog whistle: A certain phrase that only a certain group of people will get.
  4. Froyo: Shorthand for frozen yogurt.
  5. Pregame: When 20-somethings get together before going out to a bar or party and drink before.
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