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Quote Comparing Gun Control to Abortion Access

This Quote Comparing Gun Laws to Abortions Is Going Viral and It's Easy to See Why

With each mass shooting in the US, social media has a tendency to surface commentary about the ongoing gun debate. The aftermath of the gut-wrenching attack in Orlando, FL, was no different. Take this post, for example:

I posted this last October, and sadly it is still just as relevant today. "How about we treat every young man who wants...

Posted by Nev Schulman on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's true that women seeking abortions will have a more difficult time receiving one in this country than if they wanted to buy a gun. And yet, some of our country's lawmakers have continued to wage an unnecessary war against abortion access . . . as if deciding you are not able to raise a child is more dangerous than purchasing a weapon designed to obliterate as many people as possible. While the unattributed quote comparing the process of obtaining a gun and an abortion has circulated for over a year, it has reappeared on my timeline in multitudes in recent days.

What does it say about our country that a woman who might even require an abortion for her safety has to jump through more legal hoops than a malevolent person attempting to purchase a gun? The disparity between the legal red tape you have to pass to purchase a gun versus to receive an abortion is shameful, really. Picture a United States where buying a gun is half as difficult as receiving an abortion. That country of our dreams seems infinitely more rational than the one we presently reside in.

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