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Roy Moore's Horse Sassy Parody Twitter Account

Roy Moore's Horse Inspired the Parody Twitter Account We Never Knew We Needed

On Dec. 12, as the controversial Alabama Senate seat showdown between Doug Jones and Roy Moore finally came to a head, Moore raised eyebrows (and greatly irked horse Twitter) by choosing to ride his horse Sassy to the local polling place instead of, say, walking — or driving a car. It's not the first time the then-candidate chose horseback riding as his main mode of transportation, but it's a choice that faced heavy scrutiny after several consecutive days of questionable decisions made on behalf of the Moore camp. In the three days prior to the election, his wife attempted to rebut a "fake news" claim that she didn't "care for Jews," the candidate himself attempted to bail out of campaigning by attending the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia, and, most egregiously, a spokesman for the campaign said that homosexuality was "probably" illegal. In other words, the world was already watching. And what it saw was a man and his horse.

Moore would eventually lose the election, perhaps due to the myriad allegations of sexual misconduct and assault that were leveled against him, or perhaps as a karmic payback for awful statements that checker his past. But what will live on in infamy from Dec. 12 onward is the parody account that appeared on Twitter — one that, for all intents and purposes, purported to deliver the thoughts of Moore's horse Sassy.

Below, we've pulled some of the best tweets the account has unleashed so far. And even though the election is over, you can bet that we'll still be following this account for weeks to come — and not just because the account lists its current location as "Under Roy Moore, Alabama" (but let's be honest: we're definitely still laughing about it).

Image Source: Getty / Joe Raedle
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