We Find Barack Obama Guilty of Looking Classy as Hell at Jury Duty

On Nov. 8, Barack Obama did his civic duty as a citizen of the United States: he showed up for jury duty in Chicago. In the amusing and chaotic series of photos recording his arrival, the former president can be seen wearing a "juror" sticker while causing quite a stir in the Daley Center lobby. The Sun Times reports that Obama's presence was met with quite a commotion. He had to turn down selfie opportunities, and faced requests for autographs, before he made it inside. Sadly, he was not selected to serve on a jury and, at the end of the day, was sent home.

Obama has been popping up quite a bit in the past month. In addition to hanging out with Prince Harry and giggling with George W. Bush, he even had time to send a mushy anniversary message to his wife, Michelle Obama. Now, please enjoy these new photos, or I will have no choice but to hold you in contempt.