29 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Our Feelings About January's Epic Bomb Cyclone

The so-called "bomb cyclone" has arrived, dumping oodles of snow and bringing extremely heavy winds to cities up and down the East Coast. The good news? Many people got to enjoy the frigid weather from the comfort of their living room couches, thanks to widespread school closures and the glorious thing that is working from home.

But, as with any weather event, the internet had a lot of feelings about what went down on Jan. 4. So, we've teamed up with the good people at GIPHY to get a sense of what exactly it is that people have been sharing — and the resulting 29 GIFs, all of which went wild during the crux of the storm, can be found ahead in all their glory. Oh, and it should probably be noted that these GIFs extend well beyond the current "bomb cyclone" event — so if you're anything like us, you'll be bookmarking every single one of these to use over the weeks and months to come.

That Bundled-Up Look

One Epic Dog in the Snow

The Snow Dive

The City Street Dig-Out

Arnold Shovels the Snow

Our Motivational Status (Courtesy of Schitt's Creek)

Celebrate Broad City-Style

Winter Has Already Come


The Al Roker Snow Dance

Even Spongebob is Freezing

Our Thoughts Exactly

Pooh Loves the Snow

The Bachelor Meets Snow

Snuggie Town USA

The Snowday Teacher Anthem

A Charlie Brown Snowstorm

Ha, Look at That! It's Snowing!

Snow Dogs!!!

The Snow Struggle Is as Old as Time

Snowman Fail

Snowstorm Problems

We Can Relate

Kate Bush Is So Cold

Mr. Freeze Has Spoken