These Are the Best Tweets From Election Day — So Far

This wild election is finally concluding, which means Twitter will have decidedly less fodder to ridicule and create memes from. But there is still one more day of campaign-related commentary left — and Election Day might have provided the internet's finest material yet. Take a look at some highlights below.

When people started to realize the race was a lot closer than anticipated, Twitter took a turn for the worse.

Things we need to realize:
Austerity is coming
Climate change will accelerate
Right-wing SCOTUS
Muslims will lose rights

— Bobby Big Wheel (@BobbyBigWheel) November 9, 2016

world will never be the same. I feel Sad for the young.🚽will never be more than the toilet, I've used as a symbol 4 Him.
U Can't Polish 💩

— Cher (@cher) November 9, 2016

political scientists will be studying the 2016 election for a very, very long time

— sean. (@SeanMcElwee) November 9, 2016

Older Americans are likely to wake up and find that they got their wish-a Trump Presidency& their 401ks down by 10-15 percent.

— Betsey Stevenson (@BetseyStevenson) November 9, 2016

It's not about Trump or Hillary. It's about the fact somebody ran on a platform of straight up racism and the U.S. Liked it.

— Purify (@TheToast2016) November 9, 2016

Best 2 out of 3

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) November 9, 2016

I wouldn't trust Donald Trump to water my plants while I was on vacation but yea sure let's have him run the country

— Sage Boggs (@sageboggs) November 9, 2016

if america were a video game, now is the time when i'd accidentally trip over the plug so it would shut off

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) November 9, 2016

If you wondered about the opposite of Netflix and Chill, it's CNN AND PANIC.

— Adam Kay (@amateuradam) November 9, 2016

Here's what Twitter was feeling just as the polls closed.

it's the remix to ignition/
election twitter edition/
tweeting about exit polls like/
everyone's a statistician

— AJ (@ajchavar) November 8, 2016

Me waiting for #ElectionNight results

— The Gay Burn Book (@SouthernHomo) November 8, 2016

im shocked

— j.r. hennessy (@jrhennessy) November 8, 2016

Husband turns off BBC because they're explaining basic stuff, turn over to CNN "this is New York, what you see is the Empire State Building"

— Gemma Cartwright (@GemmaCartwright) November 8, 2016

if you ask me this election could end about 100 different ways:
1) trump gets 0% of the vote
2) trump gets 1% of the vote
3) trump gets 2% o

— wint (@dril) November 8, 2016