The Internet Is Having a Freakin' Field Day With Disney's New Trump Robot

Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents just added a new leading man to its lineup: a robot version of Donald Trump. The animatronic figure is now the center of attention at the popular attraction, delivering a speech using prerecorded audio from POTUS himself — one that surprisingly doesn't feature his overused catchphrase, "Make America Great Again."

The creators of the robotic Trump were pretty darn spot-on with mimicking the president's real-life style and mannerisms. Its tie is awkwardly long, and it makes very similar hand motions while speaking (though the hands may be a bit generous in size). However, there's one major flaw with the Trump-bot: its face is quite terrifying and bears very little resemblance to Trump, save for the combed-over blond hairdo.

The internet immediately took note of its off-putting appearance, and many people couldn't resist hilariously roasting everything about the situation. Although the robot itself is honestly robbing the theme park of its label as being "the happiest place on earth," at least we have the hysterical Twitter reactions below to keep us in good spirits, am I right?

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