Ivanka Trump Did a Scientist Cosplay, and Naturally the Internet Lost Its Collective Sh*t

Another day in Trump's America, another drama β€” but this time, it's all about the first daughter.

On March 19, Ivanka Trump set off a chain of events that was so thoroughly predictable, we found ourselves waiting for each shoe to drop: the daughter of the most powerful man in America shared a photo of herself cosplaying the platonic ideal of a scientist, in full lab regalia, in support of Donald Trump's (by all accounts failing) infrastructure plan.

"Talking #WorkforceDevelopment and Infrastructure in Iowa today!" Ivanka captioned the photo, adding, "@realDonaldTrump's #Infrastructure initiative includes a robust plan to expand skills-focused learning to prepare the next generation of American workers for 21st century job opportunities."

Naturally, the internet had a field day with this striking revelation, and it would seem that for all intents and purposes, the current administration did not learn much from the whole KellyCards debacle last year, as it once again allowed a visual that could not slide under the meme radar (a fact that was certainly not lost on the savvy denizens of the web).


β€” Joe Berkowitz (@JoeBerkowitz) March 20, 2018

Hey @IvankaTrump it's great that you like to cosplay as a scientist on Instagram but some of us are an #ActualLivingScientist. Tell us about what you're doing in this picture. I'm making a battery. #ILookLikeAnEngineer pic.twitter.com/fW5CFxLYAF

β€” Holly aka Leia πŸš€ (@absolutspacegrl) March 20, 2018

Ivanka: We want to take pictures of your jobs

Scientists: Great, we'll make sure to look our best.

Ivanka: I actually meant pictures of me pretending to do your jobs. Sorry. https://t.co/WekmSrFKwf

β€” Awesome Sauce (@captidiotdad) March 19, 2018

. @IvankaTrump We see you are training for the Space Force. Tell us about your experiment. We want all the details. pic.twitter.com/Ua2PJk7Ub4

β€” Rogue NASA (@RogueNASA) March 20, 2018

In all fairness, Ivanka did at one point appear to be taking up the good fight when it came to women's rights and pay equality. But since her father took office, she's done the literal polar opposite. And at this point it's also probably worth noting that she wasn't out in the Beltway witnessing scientists develop a cure for illness β€” she was meeting with high school students and checking the nicotine levels in "vape juice."