In 13 Epic Tweets, J.K. Rowling Shut Down People Who Think "Voluntourism" Is a Good Thing

J.K. Rowling is known for shutting people down on Twitter (see: exhibits A and B) and now she's speaking out against another idea: "voluntourism." Over the weekend, the Harry Potter author tweeted about her charity called Lumos before someone asked her to retweet a message about an organization that offers volunteer experiences in orphanages abroad. In a series of messages that have now gone viral, Rowling expressed that such organizations do more harm than good.

She explained how these orphanages can break up families that already exist.

And how these organizations pitch themselves as resume boosters.

She also noted how these orphanages won't solve the larger issues that require systematic change.

Many people on Twitter praised Rowling for bringing attention to the issue.

@jk_rowling Oh so glad to see this - I wish more people spoke out against #Voluntourism not just in realtion to children either

— Mary Earnshaw (@MaryEarnshaw) August 21, 2016

#voluntourism, @jk_rowling breaks it down like a fraction! Thank you for highlighting this exploitation!

— Alycee (@jazziz2) August 22, 2016

You can learn more about the possible harms of "voluntourism" here.