John Oliver Explains Why Stephen Miller Is the "Minion" Donald Trump Deserves

On the Aug. 6 edition of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver did exactly what we hoped he'd do: lambaste White House aide Stephen Miller's recent viral comments about the administration's new immigration bill. Following President Donald Trump's announcement last week about introducing an immigration bill called the RAISE Act, the senior policy adviser to the president held a contentious press briefing at which he inaccurately claimed that immigrants must speak English to be naturalized. As you can imagine, Oliver had some choice words for him.

After referring to Miller as a "vitamin D-deficient Minion," Oliver moved away from the man and on to the controversial press briefing itself. "That clearly wasn't the greatest piece of communication from Stephen Miller, so naturally, the White House is now considering him for the communications director job, taking over from the dearly departed Mooch." Oliver added, "That would be a lot of responsibility for Stephen Miller, a man who is — this may be the most shocking thing you learn tonight — 31 years old. He's 31 human years old."

The icing on the cake? Oliver dug up a 2002 video of Miller campaigning for student government as a young high school student. In it, we witness a speech in which Miller is simply yelling about having to clean up after himself and pick up his own trash when there are "plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us."

The video brought Oliver to his final point: perhaps the Trump administration has found a perfect minion, at long last. Oliver compounded the sentiment, saying, "He is truly one of the most revolting humans — parenthesis Minions — I have ever seen." Adding, "In a way, there is no more fitting spokesman for the Trump administration than an entitled, elitist assh*le who refuses to take responsibility for the messes he makes and who can somehow manage to pick a fight with a f*cking statue."