Women Are Sharing Touching Photos on the 6-Month Anniversary of the Women's March

Six months ago, an estimated 4.6 million Americans took to the streets to join Women's Marches in cities and towns across the country. The momentum generated from the march continues to grow, and women are celebrating the six-month anniversary by reposting photos from the day under the hashtag #6MonthsSinceWomensMarch. People are also taking the time to discuss several of the actions they've taken since then, like calling their senators or attending town halls. Ahead, see some of the best replies to the hashtag — and don't forget, you can still get involved.

In case you forgot the sheer size of the Women's March in Washington DC. . .

. . . Here's a video to remind you!

Young children participated and looked awesome doing it.

Several women promised the march was only the beginning.

People marched with lifelong friends and family members.

Most of all, people reflected on what an important day it was.