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Peter Dinklage Asks People to Stop Buying Huskies

Peter Dinklage Asks GOT Fans to Stop Buying Huskies For the Novelty

With Game of Thrones only rising in popularity over the past few years, animal shelters around the world have also seen a rise in people dumping Husky dogs that bear a striking resemblance to Direwolves. According to PETA, two breed-specific rescue groups in Northern California have seen their number of Huskies double over the past two years, and the UK has reported similar statistics since the show premiered in 2011.

It is assumed that with the excitement of the show, people are seeking out Huskies to buy because they look like the show's famous wolves, but because so many people don't do the research beforehand to know how much work dogs are, they end up dumping them at shelters when the novelty wears off. Now, one of the show's stars, Peter Dinklage, is speaking out on the matter and pleading with the public to not buy Huskies.

"Not only does this hurt all the deserving homeless dogs waiting for a chance at a good home in shelters, but shelters are also reporting that many of these huskies are being abandoned — as often happens when dogs are bought on impulse, without understanding their needs," Dinklage said in a statement with PETA. "Please, please, if you're going to bring a dog into your family, make sure that you're prepared for such a tremendous responsibility and remember to always, ALWAYS, adopt from a shelter."


Whether you're looking for a pupper or a senior dog, you can find just about anything at an animal shelter, because they're often packed to the gills with animals needing homes. And while you can sometimes even find a purebred dog in a shelter, there's something to be said for taking home a mutt instead. After all, all those adorable dogs need homes.

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