Billie Eilish Introduced Her Pitbull Puppy to Snow For the First Time, and He Was Mesmerized

In today's wholesome news, Billie Eilish decided to introduce her 10-month-old pitbull puppy Shark to snow for the first time, and I can barely handle the sweet look of wonder on his face. To finish off the year, Billie and Shark went for a hike in the snowy mountains, and even the drive up made him want to hop out the window and build snow angels in the winter wonderland around them. "My little pittie shark & his first time in the snow [sic]," Billie captioned an Instagram post on Dec. 31, sharing photos of their frosty adventure.

It looks like Shark's short fur wasn't exactly ideal for the chilly weather, but he and Billie quickly solved that problem by cuddling on top of the mountain. This also gave Shark a better glimpse of the scenic view, and the look on his little face was definitely appreciative. "You're an awesome dog mom," we imagine he was thinking at the time. As far as walks go, this one seemed pretty magical, and we can't wait to see what other adventures Billie and her pup get up to in the new year.