I Can’t Deal With the Deadpan Expressions on These 2 Cats Dressed as Mail Carriers

I don't know much about Persian cats, Eric and Ollie, but I do know that they are completely different than my two cats based on one fact alone: they'll let their human dress them up. In a Reels video on Instagram, Eric and Ollie can be seen donning their Halloween costumes a little early, Eric dressed up as a USPS mail carrier, Ollie as a UPS delivery cat. As the cats hold their respective packages in their optical illusion costumes (the ensembles make their front legs look like human legs while the arms holding the boxes are fake), both remain fairly deadpan, except, of course, when they're licking their lips, wiping away the remnants of what we can only assume were treats to keep them sitting so still.

Well done, cuties, but our proverbial hats go off to your human, who managed to keep you from Scooby-Doo-running away in an attempt to shed the outfits. And a special kudos to Eric, whose costume screams, "Save the USPS, but make it adorable!"