21 Photos of a Golden Retriever and Bunny Duo That Will Make You Need Them as Friends

Ever since my husband and I rescued our Golden Retriever, we routinely ask ourselves what we did before getting her. What exactly did we fill our time with? How could anything have possibly been — or be — better than having a Golden flop around our house, producing more hairballs than I thought possible? I think I have an answer.

The answer is a sweet Golden and a bunny, as proven by the Instagram account Bear + Hugs. Since discovering it early this morning, I've had 15 tabs open with their pictures, because I can't get myself to stop staring at the two of them together. Hugs and Bear are an inseparable fluff duo, and seem delicate with one another, too. Each time Bear grooms his bunny friend Hugs, I squeal with delight. I may not have room in my house to own a bunny, but I can dream of meeting these two one day, right?