Dubbed the "Unicorn Dog," This Golden Retriever Puppy Has an Ear on Top of Her Head

Regardless of what a dog looks like, it's safe to say I'm in love with 'em all. However, a Golden Retriever puppy named Rae who only has one ear on the top of her head has officially stolen my heart. According to Rae's Instagram account, an accidental injury at birth left her with only one ear. Eventually, the ear migrated to the top of her head, and now she's been dubbed the "unicorn dog."

Recently, a woman named Sam shared a sweet video of Rae on TikTok, and naturally, it went completely viral. I mean, how can you not be obsessed with this pup? Now, Rae's owner keeps the world up to date on what she's doing every day via social media, and I personally want constant updates. Scroll ahead to get a closer look at Rae, the sweetest little one-eared doggo you ever did see!

Photos of Rae, the One-Eared Golden Retriever

Viral TikTok Video of Rae the Golden Retriever