This Dog Did the Bottle Cap Challenge Better Than I Ever Could, but I'm Not Even Mad

The Bottle Cap Challenge isn't just for your favorite celebrities anymore — even dogs are getting in on the fun. Louby the "Westie" (or West Highland White Terrier) has a knack for tricks, which now includes the viral craze sweeping the internet. Sure, John Mayer's attempt was impressive, but I'm pretty sure Louby takes the top prize.

Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin is reportedly the man who started the Bottle Cap Challenge, which "kicked off" a wave of imitations from Hollywood's best — pun very much intended. The roundhouse kick is already a feat for humans, so watching Louby conquer it is extra fun. Watch the video above to see Louby nail the challenge not once, not twice, but four times. It's goin' down for real.