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What Is the Bottle Cap Challenge?

I Did a Triple Take Watching John Mayer Nail the Internet's New Bottle Cap Challenge

As busy as they may seem, celebrities sure flock to an internet challenge. After the "In My Feelings" Challenge practically defined the Summer of 2018, a new athletically demanding one is gradually starting to spread: the Bottle Cap Challenge. Not to be confused with the Water Bottle Flip Challenge that teenagers just can't quit, this challenge has participants attempting to somehow delicately unscrew a bottle cap with their foot in the midst of a swift roundhouse kick.

Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin appears to be the person who started the challenge on June 25. Several martial artists followed suit, including Max Holloway, who tagged John Mayer — notably not a skilled martial artist. Guess what though? John nailed the challenge, leaving other stars like Shawn Mendes, Questlove, and David Spade stunned. "I actually can't believe this wow," Shawn commented. John then challenged Jason Statham, who then challenged Guy Ritchie, and the rest is pretty much social media history in the making. Enjoy mesmerizing and oddly satisfying videos of the challenge ahead.

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