Someone Please Get This Dog a Record Deal For Flawlessly Howling Along to "Old Town Road"

You know that exhilarating feeling that surges through your body when your favorite song comes on out of the blue? Charlie the Australian Shepherd sure does. A purebred pup that lives in Canada, Charlie has recently garnered a bit of social media fame for his unwavering obsession with Lil Nas X's chart-topping hit "Old Town Road." Every time the track comes on and Billy Ray Cyrus begins crooning about taking his horse to the mysterious old town road and riding until he no longer can, Charlie stops what he's doing and lets out a lengthy howl as if singing along to the lyrics. I mean, we've gotta hand it to him — he has incredible taste and knows a banger when he hears one.

Other songs don't have a similar effect on Charlie, either — in a handful of videos shared by his owners on Instagram, he's seen passively listening to other radio bops like Martin Garrix's "Summer Days" and the Jonas Brothers' "Only Human" while chewing on a bone or staring off into space. But as soon as his beloved Lil Nas X hit starts playing, he immediately stares at the camera as if to say, "Oh sh*t, this is my jam," before belting out his signature "awooooo." Honestly, I'm zero percent ashamed to admit that Charlie has better vocal abilities than me. While howling, he holds that note with dedication and passion that rivals a gosh-darn Grammy nominee. Don't believe me? Watch a few of Charlie's funniest sing-alongs ahead to have your day instantly brightened. Now, can someone get this doggo a record deal already?

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