A Healthcare Worker and His Husky Covered "Lean on Me," and That Dog's Vibrato Is Wild

Kovu the Husky might just strike up a record deal in the near future because this dog's vibrato is impressive. In a viral video recently shared to his Instagram page, @kovu.sings, Kovu can be seen at home performing a heartfelt cover of "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers with his human, 25-year-old Tate Hegstrom. Tate, a healthcare worker, took over lead guitar and vocals, but Kovu's backup vocals made this cover truly unlike any other. Just look at the passion on his face! That soulful look they share at the end has my heart melting as I write this.

As an administrative resident at HealthONE in Denver, Tate is currently working on the frontlines to provide the best medical care possible for his patients during the COVID-19 outbreak, making his "Lean on Me" cover with Kovu even more meaningful. Watch the full video here, and find out what you can do to support doctors and healthcare workers during this time.