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Video of Tank the American Bully Singing Country Music

Please Stop What You're Doing to Watch This Adorable Dog "Sing" to His Favorite Song

Tank the American Bully is about to be a viral star thanks to his crooning over Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey." In a video posted to YouTube by his owner, Tank can be seen relaxing when his human asks their Amazon Echo to play Cardi B. Apparently, Tank isn't a huge fan of the rapper, but it's clear that he loves music and instantly becomes curious as the song "Look at Me" begins to play. Then, when Tank's owner asks Alexa to play "Tennessee Whiskey," the dog perks up, and as the first notes come through the speaker, he howls along . . . to the entire. song. Watch Tank's adorable — and very on-melody — performance in the video above!

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