Chip Gaines Brought Home a New Puppy, and Now They Have “More Dogs Than Children”

Chip Gaines and the rest of his family are all lovers of animals, but it appears that Chip frequently has the new dog bug. The father of five brought home a new puppy on Aug. 9, 2019, and Joanna wrote on Instagram, "We now have more dogs than children." Apparently it'd been a while since Chip brought a new pet home — which he's known to do — so number six was "long overdue."

The Gaineses live on a farm in Waco, TX — and lovingly refer to their home as "The Farmhouse" — so there are animals galore. Joanna frequently posts photos of the family's goats, along with other animals like cows, pigs, horses, chickens, turkeys, and cats. Although it's unclear how many animals the Gaineses have in total, one thing is for sure: these animal-lovers make our days better every time they share a photo of one of their adorable pets.

Scroll through to meet all six of the Gaines family dogs, including their newest addition.

English Mastiff Puppy

On Aug. 9, Joanna announced that Chip brought home a new puppy for the family, an English Mastiff who has yet to be named. Swipe through the Instagram gallery to see how cute Crew is with him!



Back in April 2018, Chip brought home a black English Mastiff puppy named Brindley, along with a cat.


A dog with a classic name, Rover was brought home by Chip in 2015. At the time, Joanna wrote, "He stole all of our hearts!"

Casey and Hunter

On June 15, 2016, Chip surprised the family with this adorable Coonhound duo.


In one of Crew's first photos, Joanna rocked him on the porch while the family's Anatolian Shepherd-Great Pyrenees snuggled at her feet.

More Photos of the Gaines' Adorable Dogs