Jacob Tremblay and His Adorable Puppy Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

In case you missed it, Jacob Tremblay was the clear winner of last year's award season. He snagged selfies with celebrities along the way and got the most amazing bonus at the end — a puppy! He and his family named the Toy Poodle Rey, and after a recent event at New York City's famed Hershey's Store, Jacob told us that little Rey has been a source of immense happiness for the Tremblay family. "We all love having a dog, especially one as cute as Rey," he said. And as cute as Rey is, she is still just a baby and hasn't quite mastered asking to go out to go to the bathroom, but Jacob has faith she'll get there. He said, "After she learns that trick, then we can work on other ones."

Scroll through to see some of the Tremblay family's cutest snaps of Rey, and then relive the day when Jacob went to work with his dad at the Vancouver PD. Jacob got to meet the police chief and a bunch of officers, but one thing he missed out on? "We didn't go catch bad guys; I was too young. Maybe when I'm 10."