The Most Common Pet Danger During the Holidays Probably Won't Surprise You

It's no secret that there are a lot of hidden dangers at Christmas when it comes to our pets. Christmas trees are poisonous, poinsettias are poisonous, a lot of our yummy human food is poisonous. But we wondered what is the most common danger pets encounter when it comes to the holidays? We asked the experts at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance if they might have an answer, and according to 2015 data, they do.

From November 2015 to January 2016, Healthy Paws processed 5,100 stomach-related claims, which was more than any other claim type. Stomach-related claims can include anything from foreign-body removal (like eating Christmas ribbon) to treating poison from something like a poinsettia.

It's important during the holidays — and all the time — to make sure that anything that isn't safe for your pet is out of their reach. Keep pine needles swept up, keep ribbons away from the floors, and keep poisonous plants on higher shelves. This way, you can avoid being one of the unlucky pet owners to have to bring their animal to the vet for a holiday-related mishap!