Siri's Monotone Narration of This Dog's Day of Disobeying Its Owner at the Beach Is a Masterpiece


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Sedona is a 2-year-old Australian shepherd who loves the beach, but unfortunately, due to a day of misbehaving, Sedona is now "banned from the ocean." In a hilarious video on TikTok, Sedona can be seen looking happy as a clam (pun intended) as an AI voice narrates the pup's action-packed beach day; and reader, don't let Sedona's adorable dog smile fool you — the day did. not. go. well.

"My mom is mad at me because she tried to take me to the beach for the first time thinking we would relax and play in the water," Sedona's story begins. "Instead, I pulled on my leash so hard I broke my collar and proceeded to try and drink the ocean. This would be fine if I only had a few sips, but I didn't like the taste of the saltwater, so I had to keep drinking to see if I could find any water that was not salty."

As that plan obviously didn't work out, Sedona ended up drinking way too much water, resulting in "explosive diarrhea in front of several tourists and their children." And that isn't even the end — or the funniest part — but we won't ruin the rest of the LOL-worthy story for you. Hear about Sedona's beach day to remember in the video above.