Funny Dog TikToks Have Taken Over My Algorithm — Here Are Some of My Favorites

If there's two things I love in this world, it's dogs and an endless stream of funny content. Thankfully, TikTok gives me both wrapped into one! The app has all kinds of pup-friendly recordings, from training tricks to pet food recipes, but the humor videos might be my favorite. I could — OK, I do — sit for hours watching clip after clip on the social app of dogs doing the silliest things, like dancing, singing, and skateboarding. If you ever hear me laughing hysterically while I'm completely alone, you know what I'm doing.

Like most things I love in my life, once I'm hooked, I never stop talking about it. Since I've watched just about every video tagged #funnydog on TikTok, I thought it only appropriate to round up and share some of my favorites. Big and small, fluffy and short-haired, these pooches are sure to put a smile on your face.

A Chihuahua Rocking Eyebrows

A Yorkie With a Wiggle

These Huskies Calling Each Other Out

A Dancing Golden

This Little One Just Trying Their Best

A Relatable Water Dog

Just Demonstrating How Fun the Slide Is

A Skateboarding Frenchie Who's Definitely Cooler Than Me

This Pup Who Makes His Own Rules

A Frenchie in Desperate Need of a Nap

A 9-to-5 Dolly Doxie

Some Warrior Pups

This Baby Still Learning About Windows

A Patient and Respectful Nala

This Frenchie Finding a More Creative Way to Get Down the Stairs

A Solid Workout Buddy

My Spirit Animal When Forced to Work Out

A Golden With a Great Dive

This Pup Who Know Exactly What's Going On

Just Hanging Out

I Feel That Same Passion When I See my Favorite Food Too

Me on Every Walk

The Next American Idol?

Just Getting in on the Love

A Shocked Pomsky

Bubble Bath Time

This Dancing Lab