Watch as a Cat Literally Comes Out of the Woodwork in This TikTok I've Now Seen 328 Times

A cat on TikTok is taking the expression "coming out of the woodwork" to hilarious new levels. In a video shared by @theambitiousnutritionist, a cat can be seen lying on a kitchen counter, minding its business. When the text "Anyone else's cats pull these ninja moves?" first flashed across my screen, I expected the aforementioned cat to flip over the knife block it was perched next to or something, but before the thought could fully materialize, a tiny head and a pair of fluffy kitten paws appeared from out of the bottom of the overhead kitchen cabinet.

In the most classic "because cats" move ever, a full freaking feline slinked out of the small — I mean SMALL — space between two of the kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, the other cat barely flinched. Cats are so dang weird, y'all. See the full hilarious TikTok video above — I swear I've watched it 328 times already.