You Thought Your Cat Was Sassy? This One Just Asked Her Owner, "Are You Coming?!"

Cats are huge beggars, and they don't just flash puppy eyes at you, they normally scratch your furniture and knock over all of your sh*t in order to get your attention, until you finally relent and give them what they want. For Ike Tommy, cat ownership and dealing with a dramatic kitty who constantly needs attention just reached a whole new level when his cat, from outside the bathroom where he's standing, asked him, "Are you coming?"

"What did she say?!?" Ike captioned the TikTok video, which has unsurprisingly gone completely viral, because, um, his cat is speaking ENGLISH. Watch the video on a loop above, and if you know what's good for you, you'll immediately start preparing for inevitable world domination at the hands paws of all cats.