Please Watch a Cat Named Cheeseburger Get a Tiny Cup of Milk From a Starbucks Drive-Through

I have a lot of cats — read: five — but not one of them would be bold enough to willingly get in the car without a bit of force. But apparently, some cats, like this orange tabby named Cheeseburger, have pretty laid-back dispositions. He recently went on an adventure with his human, Brian, through a Starbucks drive-through, and thankfully, the whole encounter was caught on video and shared to TikTok, where it instantly gained attention.

Clad in a blue harness and leash, we see Cheeseburger — or "Burger," as he's fondly called by his human — eagerly await his turn to order. As soon as the drive-through attendant takes notice of Burger, she immediately compliments him and hooks him up with what can only be assumed is a cup of milk or whipped cream (and though cats shouldn't consume too much dairy, it looks like it was a very small amount, just as a treat). We have a feeling Burger would be friends with his brother from another mother, the "Well, hi!" cat. Don't you?