I Have Watched This Compilation Video of a Dog Leaping Into a Pond 37 Times

Right about now, I'm looking for anything and everything that can make me feel just a little bit of joy. Thanks to Ringo, a 6-year-old dog from upstate New York who loves to swim, I've found the small sense of calm I was searching for. On the pup's Instagram, @ringo.swims.alot, you'll find tons and tons of clips of this overeager good boy running and jumping into a pond near his home, but it's a recent compilation video shared on Leap Day about his literal love of leaping that put the biggest smile on my face.

"HAPPY LEAP DAY EVERYONE! As you all know, one of my favorite things to do is LEAP into water of all kinds!!!" Ringo's video caption reads. "My family and I are all looking forward to warmer days where we can all LEAP into the gorgeous blue water of my most favorite pond. Not much longer!"

See Ringo's full, delightful video above and follow this excitable pooch on Instagram to see what he gets up to this Summer.