Overeager German Shepherd Hysterically Fails His Service Dog Training, and I Need to Lie Down

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Some dogs have a higher calling to help those who need it most, and other dogs will rip the walker right out of your hands just to get their teeth around the tennis balls attached to its feet.

Meet Ryker, a German Shepherd who epically failed his exam — as in, he botched every single test lobbed his way — to become a service dog at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, KY.

Despite Ryker's less-than-stellar performance, the skilled trainers at the academy thought there might be some value in sharing a video montage — appropriately set to Frank Sinatra's classic hit "My Way" — of his most, erm, enthusiastic attempts. Spoiler alert: one such maneuver includes Ryker "helping" a man in a wheelchair (don't worry, it was a trained professional!) before becoming distracted by a ball and, without hesitation, dragging the man to the ground in order to catch it.

"Every dog has a purpose," the caption on the video read. "Clearly, Ryker's purpose is not to be a service dog."

True, but he still looks to be a very, very good boy.

When you're done watching the above video roughly seven dozen times, please enjoy the medley ahead of more Ryker moments, including him knocking over an entire Christmas tree, destroying a kissing booth in under two seconds, and offering no mercy to a "happy birthday" balloon.

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