As a Hummingbird Feeds Out of His Hand, This Man's Face Radiates the Purest Joy

I'm the type of person who says they don't like birds because of their beady eyes and sharp beaks, but will stop a conversation midsentence to energetically point out a cardinal on a fence (whether that's a type of person who can be easily related to, I'm unsure, but this is me, hi!). So when I saw a Reddit post that read "My husbands face when the hummingbird feeds from his hand," I had that moment of, "Eh, birds," but watched anyway for the implied funny face. Turns out, that while kinda funny, his range of facial expressions are actually that of pure, unadulterated joy.

In the video, a man can be seen holding what looks like a tiny water bottle as two hummingbirds flit by. One must catch the water in the corner of its eye, because it circles back and approaches the bottle. However, the real show is on this man's face, as he goes from shocked, to cautious, to OMG LOOK AT THIS BIRD in a matter of seconds. You have to witness it for yourself in the video above — it's delightful and completely worth the watch (and subsequent rewatch).