If You Haven’t Seen This Video Yet of a Cat “Dancing” to "Mr. Sandman," You’re in For a Treat

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream (bum bum bum bum).

Mr. Sandman did bring me a dream — one I didn't know I had — when I stumbled across this now-viral Tik Tok video of a cat "dancing" in a nine-frame split video to the tune of The Chordettes' 1954 hit song, "Mr. Sandman." In the video, the cat named Ed can be seen moving to the opening of the song — all of the claps and "bum bum bum bums" — in a sequence that repeats in time with the music over nine frames. It's so spot on and freakin' hilarious.

The owner of the video is Jade Taylor-Ryan, who says she got the idea one night after seeing a similar nine-frame video on Tik Tok. "I put my phone on the floor and set a timer on it so I didn't have to use my hands to film," she told BuzzFeed in an email. "I then timed when my cat would pop up in the frame based on the beat of the music."

Pure genius. If you haven't seen the video yet, what the hell are you doing?! (And if you have, you know you wanna watch the 12-second video on a loop again, like we're about to.)