Everything You Need to Know About The Dodo's All the Feels on Quibi

When streaming platform Quibi debuts on April 6, it will be packed with original shows available to watch in bite-size pieces. One of those shows is All the Feels, an original show for animal-lovers created by The Dodo, a site known for all of its animal videos. All the Feels will bring you everything from hilarious animal videos to sweet videos that will make you cry. Best of all, you can watch the show every day of the week, so be prepared to be feeling all the things! For more details on the show, keep reading.

When Does All the Feels Premiere?

All the Feels premieres on April 6. It will air every weekday with a different theme each day of the week.

Where Can I Watch All the Feels?

You can watch All the Feels in bite-size pieces on Quibi. The new streaming platform offers short episodes designed to be watched on your phone.

What Is All the Feels About?

All the Feels is everything you already love about The Dodo. The Quibi show will feature animal videos that will quite literally give you all of the feels, whether it's making you want to cry or laugh or cringe, and everything in between. Each day of the week has a different theme, so you can be sure to tune in to hit whatever feel you're really feeling.

  • Motivation Monday: Start the week with adorable animals who never gave up, to give you the same push to make it through the week.
  • Ugly Cry Tuesday: This one speaks for itself. Make sure you have tissues ready for the heartwarming videos on Tuesdays.
  • Happy Hump Day: Wednesdays will be a bit of a catch-all for videos, and will include any manner of things to get you over the hump of the week.
  • WTF Thursday: Thursdays are reserved for weird animal stories and videos. You'll just have to tune in on Thursdays to see what we mean.
  • Feel Good Friday: End the week on a high note with The Dodo's best happy animal stories.

Watch the Trailer For All the Feels

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