The Look of Love on This Pit Bull's Face After Being Rescued Is Bringing Me to a Level of Mush I Didn't Know Existed

There's a lot involved in rescuing a dog. They have histories and health concerns and a host of unknowns that you, as the new owner, sign up for when you elect to rescue. But as someone who's rescued, that's what makes the experience that much more rewarding. You get to actually change a dog's life for the better, and it's that immediate moment you decide to do it that the bond is born.

And no one knows this more than this kind man who'd just chosen to adopt a Pit Bull. In a now-viral Reddit post, the owner and his dog are inseparable, and you can see the dog's immediate love for his new friend in his face. They can't take their eyes off of on another. It's amazing how quickly some dogs can show their gratitude, and based on their affection toward one another, we don't know who's rescuing who here. We've watched this video a dozen times, and it's made us want to adopt a dog all over again.