Introverts, You're Going to LOVE This 30-Day Challenge

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

Some of us just prefer doing things on our own, while some of us would like to be better at being alone but don't know how. Doing things without company like going out to dinner may sound strange at first, but once you take the plunge, you'd be surprised that you might actually like it. If you're looking to gain more independence and become more comfortable with being by yourself, we've put together a month-long list of activities for you to do solo. So get out of your comfort zone and try our 30-day alone challenge ahead.

Day 1: Read a book at your favorite cafe.

Day 2: Cook a fancy dinner for one.

Day 3: Go for a run or walk.

Day 4: Catch up on a TV series with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Day 5: Bake yourself your favorite dessert.

Day 6: Write in a journal.

Day 7: Try a fitness class you've never done before.

Day 8: Listen to music and color in an adult coloring book.

Day 9: Go shopping.

Day 10: Explore your city.

Day 11: Attend a workshop or seminar of your choice.

Day 12: Go to the movies.

Day 13: Relax at a park or the beach.

Day 14: Check out a museum.

Day 15: Pamper yourself at home or get pampered at a spa.

Day 16: Shamelessly sample desserts at a notable bakery.

Day 17: Watch a sad movie at home.

Day 18: Treat yourself to dinner.

Day 19: Check out a band or DJ.

Day 20: Order your favorite takeout.

Day 21: Make a list of to-dos and goals.

Day 22: Loosen up and have a solo dance party.

Day 23: Meditate.

Day 24: Experiment with your hair or makeup.

Day 25: Buy a bunch of your favorite magazines and read them.

Day 26: Try a DIY.

Day 27: Indulge in your favorite treats and have a tea party for one.

Day 28: Check out a local festival.

Day 29: Wake up early and catch the sunrise.

Day 30: Travel somewhere.