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Cleaning Tips and Hacks

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Making resolutions for the New Year? We partnered with OxiClean™ HD Laundry Detergent for tips and hacks for making 2016 your cleanest year yet.

I always end the year strong with big resolutions for making the next one awesome. And by the end of January, that list of must dos has already been forgotten. It's really about making decisions that work with your life — especially when it comes to living a clean and more organized life. Before you get caught up in writing out your big list, take a look at a few tips and hacks that have helped us be more productive.

Resolve to Clean Smarter

Instead of putting off keeping your space sparkling, here are a few tips for making cleanup fun:

  • Wash your sheets once a week: See what I did there? It rhymes, which makes this chore more fun. Well, washing your sheets is still a pain, but tossing them in the laundry once a week makes for blissful sleeping — and better days. And using a detergent with a fresh scent leaves you smelling amazing all the time.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia

  • Use cleaning hacks: Clean your shower while showering? Yes! Clean air vents in the dishwasher? YES! There are so many cleaning hacks that make your life easier, so make sure you're including them in your daily routine.
  • Empty your inbox: Instead of feeling overwhelmed with emails that you didn't get to last year, it's time to go through and delete all that spam. You'll instantly feel refreshed and motivated to keep your inbox in the double digits in the new year.
  • Multitask the bathroom: Another spot you should resolve to clean smarter is your bathroom. It really only takes a few minutes, and cleaning the commode regularly means you won't be caught with a messy space.
  • Clean efficiently in the kitchen: Same goes for your kitchen, which is another spot that looks so great with minimal daily attention. Resolve to give it a few minutes of cleaning every morning or evening and you'll find you have more time at the end of the week. Wipe countertops, wash dishes, or toss them in the dishwasher, and you will feel less frazzled.

Resolve to Clean Better

Stop cutting corners when it comes to cleaning. Once you do, you'll find it's not so frustrating.

  • Start the year with a cleaning challenge: If you aren't sure where to start, take this cleaning challenge, which will get you in cleaning shape. Along with helping you move through your entire space, with tips for how to clean everything in your home, it will get your year started right.
  • Declutter your life: Along with cleaning your space, dedicate time to clearing your head. Mark off an hour weekly on your calendar and use it for getting rid of any negative thoughts and physical distractions (like that stack of magazines you're never going to read) and writing out personal goals. Stick with it and you'll have a great year.
  • Refresh your space: Although not necessarily cleaning, scenting your space with smells you love gives it an instant boost. From this hack for adding a lovely scent to your bathroom, DIYing your own personalized home spray, or using cleaning products that remove stains while refreshing fabrics, adding a touch of scent makes everything better.
  • Organize smart: Clutter gets in the way of what you should be doing, so dedicate weekends to one area that needs attention like your medicine cabinet, makeup drawer, or refrigerator. You'll get rid of stuff you don't need anymore, leaving easy access to all the things you use on a daily basis.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff

Resolve to Clean Stronger

No one loves giving big items deep cleanings, so make a list and every time you check one off, you'll feel accomplished. Think about including these items for a once-yearly clean:

  • Wash your pillows: OK, you really should do this more than once a year, but washing your pillows is so easy — and they come out so fresh and fluffy! Use a versatile laundry detergent like OxiClean™ HD Laundry Detergent for nice and white pillows.
  • Refresh your mattress: Along with sucking up all those dead skin cells and bad smells, cleaning your mattress cuts back on allergens.
  • Deep-clean your washer and dryer: Yes, annoying, but cleaning the machines that scrub and dry your clothes keeps them running efficiently. Follow these easy steps for your washing machine and also dryer.
  • Give your carpets attention: Your rugs are vacuumed regularly, but get up close and personal with them yearly to tackle stains and smells. And the same goes for your fabric furniture!
  • Tackle your oven: The inside of your oven gets baked with food during the year, so make a date to give it a big clean. Use this cleaning method alongside your oven's self-cleaning option and you'll have a sparkling new oven in only a few hours.
  • Set goals: Sit down and write out a few goals you'd like to accomplish in the New Year, and then write them out. Resolve to make the time to accomplish everything on your list — no excuses! Push yourself to make it happen and you'll find you have a stronger outlook on life.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
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