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Daylight Saving Tips

5 Tips to Tackle Daylight Saving Time

It's time to spring forward and set your clocks ahead one hour this Sunday. Daylight saving time — when we reset our clocks every year — is meant to help conserve energy. Although we'll be losing an hour of sleep this time of year, we'll also be gaining more sunlight at the end of every day. To get you through the day (it does affect some of us like jet lag, after all) we've put together some helpful tips.

1. Stay alert.

For several days after the clock resetting, traffic accidents go up and work injuries increase, according to Scientific American. That means we should all pay extra attention and be super aware of our surroundings.

2. Take advantage of the extra light.

Several things — like jogging around the neighborhood, strolling on the beach, doing yard work, and just hanging out on the porch — are better left for when the sun's out. Use the hour to make them a part of your springtime routine.

3. Reset all items with a clock.

Many clocks on phones or computers will reset automatically, but don't forget to switch your analog devices and change all timers, such as sprinkler timers that go off every day.

4. Ease into the time change.

If you can, change the hour on Friday night or Saturday so that your body's not completely thrown off on Monday morning. If that's not an option, then try to get to bed an hour earlier than normal the night before.

5. Make your morning easier.

No one likes to lose an hour of sleep, but you can make the morning go smoothly by prepping the night before. Pick out your clothes or pack your lunch Sunday so that the morning rush feels less stressful. Get more good morning habits here!

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