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Greeting Card Organizer Tip

Greeting-Card Collectors, This $10 Organizer Will Be Your New Best Friend

As a greeting-card enthusiast, for a long time I found myself collecting cards and stationery sets for all sorts of occasions throughout the year — and then forgetting I had them or not being able to find the right one once an event rolled around. There were stacks of cards sitting in small trays in my office, a few tossed into my nightstand, and, without a system to keep them sorted, I ended up buying new ones whenever I attended a birthday party or a baby shower.

Then I came across the IRIS Greeting Card Organizer ($10), and I can't believe I lived without one for so long. What a game changer! The plastic box is built with greeting cards in mind, and it can fit up to 80 or more. Even better: six removable dividers are included, so you can label the tabs for different types of cards. Personally, mine are organized into a few general categories:

  • Birthday cards
  • Thank-you notes
  • Wedding and baby cards
  • Holiday cards
  • Family cards (think: Mother's Day, Father's Day, and birthday cards geared toward relatives and spouses)
  • Miscellaneous

Gone are the days when I'd be getting ready for an engagement party and panicking as I rustled through drawers looking for a card. Now I pick up cute cards as I see them (especially when they're on sale!), and as someone with a lot of long-distance friendships, it's been great to have a stash available to send whenever big birthdays or last-minute occasions pop up on the calendar.


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IRIS Greeting Card Organizer
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