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Stores That Are Open on Thanksgiving

20 Stores That Are Actually Open on Thanksgiving

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Remember when you could assume every store was closed on Thanksgiving? Well, times have changed! There are plenty of businesses that keep their doors locked for the holiday but others that are now open for some or all of their regular hours on Turkey Day. Whether you agree with the decision to staff stores on a national holiday or not, it's good to know what's available in case you do need to run out for a quick item or forget a key ingredient for your family feast. Below, you'll find which chains are open on Thanksgiving and which most definitely are not.

Before you head out, be sure to check each store for their adjusted hours (some don't open until 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day) or you might be the only one in the parking lot.

20 Chains That Will Be Open on Thanksgiving:

1. Best Buy

2. Kohl's

3. Walmart

4. Target

5. Kmart

6. JCPenney

7. Rite Aid

8. Sears

9. Macy's

10. Michael's

11. Big Lots

12. Old Navy

13. Dollar General

14. Bass Pro Shops

15. Whole Foods

16. Victoria's Secret

17. Walgreens

18. Ulta Beauty

19. Dick's Sporting Goods

20. Five Below

22 Chains That Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving:

1. Crate and Barrel

2. TJ Maxx

3. Barnes & Noble

4. Bath & Body Works

5. Ace Hardware

6. Costco

7. Hobby Lobby

8. Home Depot

9. Home Goods

10. Ikea

11. Lowe's

12. Marshall's

13. Nordstrom

14. Pier 1 Imports

15. Publix

16. Sur La Table

17. Sam's Club

18. DSW

19. H&M

20. Staples

21. Neiman Marcus

22. Burlington Coat Factory

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