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Things to Stop Feeling Guilty About

You Need to Stop Shaming Yourself Over These 11 Things

Many of us have made self-deprecation such a habit. We can't take a compliment and we make ourselves feel guilty about indulgences. But why are we so willing to put ourselves down? We need to take back ownership of our actions and choices and stop feeling like we have to justify them. We also shouldn't have to change who we are just because of what the majority says. So stop shaming yourself over these 11 things:

  1. Your body: We all have insecurities, but your weight or your appearance is never a reason to put yourself down. Learning to love yourself isn't an easy journey, but it is a necessary one. Embrace your flaws and imperfections rather than hating yourself for them.
  2. Being single: Don't have an SO you can gush about on social media? Who cares? Take full advantage of this time to invest in yourself instead of feeling bad about being alone. You get to be selfish for a while!
  3. Your past: First of all, accept that your past is completely out of your control. Beating yourself up for what happened or who you used to be won't do you any good, and if you're that resentful, be proactive about bettering yourself now instead of dwelling on something you can't change.
  4. Not fitting society's standards: F*ck society. Don't listen to what everyone else says you should do or who you should be. As long as you're happy and not affecting others negatively, it shouldn't matter whether or not you don't meet a specific "criteria." Some of the most successful people wouldn't be where they are today had they followed the status quo.
  5. Taking time off for yourself: There's nothing wrong with being a workaholic, but there's also nothing wrong with giving yourself a break. You should never feel guilty about needing some rest and relaxation because you'll only return more productive and refreshed. There's a difference between slacking off and self-care.
  6. Your sexual history: The number of partners or previous experiences you've had is not a reflection of who you are as a person. Again, it's something you can't change, so there's no reason to punish yourself for it.
  7. Being different: Embrace your unique qualities as something that separates you from the rest in a positive way. You should never feel ashamed about your differences. In fact, you should see them as a benefit, because they make you more interesting!
  8. Your food choices: Especially now that health and athleisure have become so trendy, it's hard not to feel guilty about that extra cupcake. It's great that you want to take better care of your body, but you shouldn't have to justify eating certain foods to yourself. It's all about moderation, so don't make food shaming a habit.
  9. Needing help: As admirable it is to be able to take on everything by yourself, there's no shame in asking for help. Whether it's for your mental health, taking care of the kids, or something at work, speak up if you feel like you're drowning. No one will look down on you for reaching out.
  10. Treating yourself: "Treat yo self" has almost become a joke now when it comes to overindulging. But everyone deserves a little something every now and then. If you've been working hard, it's OK to take yourself shopping (within your means) or to book that vacation you've been wanting to go on. You shouldn't feel guilty about rewarding yourself.
  11. Making yourself a priority: As long as you're not neglecting all your other responsibilities and loved ones, it's perfectly acceptable (and encouraged!) to put yourself at the forefront. Whether it's along the lines of self-care or your career, you should never feel selfish for wanting the best for you.
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