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What It's Like to Live Alone Art

An Artist Illustrates the Joys of Living Alone, and It's Perfect

What It's Like to Live Alone Art
Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Anyone who's lived alone knows of the benefits and joys that come along with it. LA artist Yaoyao Ma Van As beautifully captured what single dwelling is like in her illustrations, which will either make you appreciate your pad for one or consider ditching your roommates.

While it can seem scary and lonely, living by yourself has perks, from those as small as not having to split TV time to experiencing personal growth. Having many moments to yourself can mean the occasional loneliness, but it only fosters your independence. Besides, once you get used to the situation, you'll realize how awesome it is to have the whole space to yourself.

This intimate series shows a time in Yaoyao's life before she got married, when she lived alone with her adorable dog Parker (you'll see him ahead). "While living on my own, I learned that yes, I can do it by myself, and that I don't have to be afraid to do it by myself," Yaoyao told POPSUGAR. "As far as recommending that everyone experience solo living, I think no matter what, it's just important to be comfortable with yourself. It's not something for everyone, but if you're in that position, embrace it while you're living it."

See her beautiful work ahead!

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